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Enhance your traditional job description with ‘competency-based recruitment’

It is surprising to see how many industrial age job descriptions are doing the rounds in the IT industry which is supposed to be leading all other industries in terms of technology. The traditional job descriptions typically consists of a list of job responsibilities listed in chronological order. A qualification and / or certification section is then included.

Job responsibilities still have a place, but competencies required should receive more attention than anything else and should form the core of the job description and / or advertisement for a job.

A good place to start is the performance profile of the job. At some point in time, the new candidate’s success will be measured on a performance profile – what will make him / her successful or not. This performance profile normally contains a lot of information that can be used effectively in a job description when advertising for the position. Every company has customers who buy the products of the company and that the candidate directly or indirectly will play a role in.

Job needs / performance profile in terms of to be accomplished.

What must the person accomplish over the course of the first year that would indicate he will be successful? This can be seen as list of performance objectives as performance profiles.If the candidate can demonstrate they’ve done comparable or compatible work, they will have the requisite skills.

Value proposition for the candidate.

Why would the right candidate with a lot of marketable potential want your job? The answer forms the core of the candidate’s motivation for leaving his current job to join your company.

Bringing the performance profile to the fore also has other advantages

In the IT industry, often the emphasis is so much on one specific toolset over another, to minimise cross-training costs, that the real potential of new candidates are often ignored in favour of the ‘’current hottest’ software toolset. When it comes to the candidate’s performance evaluation, accomplishments form core of the performance profile.

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