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Sandton: Swift / Realtime Settlements Business System Analyst

 Sandton based Client in banking industry is looking for a Business / Systems Analyst with a strong logical ability, a systematic thinking approach, and a high attention to detail, that can translate client requirements into software solutions.

This person will work on software projects and pick up on many of the aspects of software delivery that are not specifically programming; such as (but not limited to) analysis, project monitoring, reporting to clients and management on progress, checking for completeness and accuracy, training and documentation.

The person we are looking for will want to work in a fast paced, high energy environment.

They should be a person who not only wants to do what is asked, but who constantly seeks

to improve the process that is followed to deliver a higher quality product more efficiently.

Importantly, this should be a person who cares about all the people involved, both our team members and our clients.

The right person would be seeking to work with intelligent, motivated, self driven team players with low egos, good communication skills and an effective problem solving approach.

They would also be very conscious of the importance of contributing to a positive working environment. Our team must be able to tune into the needs of clients and their higher objectives to solve problems where not all the information is readily available.

Number of direct reports


Number of indirect reports


Duties, Responsibilities and

Accountabilities (and time split)

Responsibilities Include:

Collect information to analyze and evaluate existing or proposed systems.

Research, plan, install, configure, troubleshoot, maintain and upgrade systems.

�Analyze and evaluate present or proposed business procedures or problems to

define data processing needs.

� Prepare detailed flow charts and diagrams outlining systems capabilities and


� Research and recommend hardware and software development, purchase, and


� Troubleshoot and resolve hardware, software, and connectivity problems,

including user access and component configuration.

� Select among authorized procedures and seek assistance when guidelines are

inadequate, significant deviations are proposed, or when unanticipated problems


� Record and maintain hardware and software inventories, site and/or server

licensing, and user access and security.

� Work as a team member with other technical staff, such as networking to ensure

connectivity and compatibility between systems.

Write and maintain system documentation.

time required, and compatibility with current system.

� Maintain confidentiality with regard to the information being processed, stored or

accessed by the network.

� Document system problems and resolutions for future reference.

� Other duties as assigned.

Education, skills & specialist knowledge required


An IT or information-related degree or proven Business / Systems analysis experience

Other requirements specific to the role/Individual�s core competencies

Essential Skills required:

� Experience in implementing payment solutions and managing business change


� Experience with SWIFT / SWIFT related systems and SWIFT messaging

� Experience with Real Time Settlement Systems (RTGS)

� Experience with Anti-Money Laundering and SWIFT Confirmation Matching


� Communicating and maintaining relationships with support vendors and the

Reserve Bank.

� Co-ordination and alignment of projects with other divisions of the bank

� Developing production support procedures, training and handover to the

Production Support team.

� Documenting, developing and executing of the tests cases and then training the

Testing Team and handover.

� User Training and 2nd level Production Support.

Personal Attributes

Need to have these qualities:

� Ability to multi-task and prioritise and deliver to milestones

� Ability to interact with people from IT and business

� Take ownership of tasks assigned

� Customer focused attitude

� Team player and good interpersonal and communication skills

� Follow issues/concerns through to delivery/solution

� Analytically minded with excellent problem solving skills

� Assertive, contributor to discussions, collaborative approach

� Attention to detail

� Team player

� Ability to work and perform in an unstructured environment

� Ability to deal with pressure and remain level headed

� Ability to be flexible and adjust to change in priorities quickly

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