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In-Depth Training for Software Interns Starting in July 2013

Due to the fast-pace of the IT Industry,  senior software developers hardly have time to re-visit fundamental topics. Our courses are designed to teach the fundamentals in-depth and practical so that the juniors entering the job market, can refer back to their fundamentals throughout their career.

In my 30 years in the software industry, I have seen many excellent, senior developers that missed crucial elementary topics of a software language. This could have saved them significant time on certain projects in their careers. I was one of those that learned Object Orientation only later in my career, as a lot of systems in the IT industry was developed before Object Orientated languages became widely used. Theoretical knowledge only does not sink in, therefore our training courses are designed to instil the crucial fundamental topics in a practical way.

If you have any junior software interns in your company, I would like to bring to your attention that our next

5 month programme for junior developers is due to start in July 2013:

  1. Application development with Java – (this is also applicable to C#.NET juniors as it is a fundamental course and conversion to .NET can be done easily after the course)
  2. Web Development with PHP

Group discounts

If you have more than one intern to send, please enquire about our discounted group rates.


There is room for customisation to the courses, if you feel that you need a certain topic covered more extensively for your students.

Need more interns?

We have visited over 75 schools in Gauteng so far this year and interviewed many matriculants who wish to study software development  in 2014. We have partnered with a psychometric institution to perform aptitude tests on them to identify their natural aptitude for software development and recommend training accordingly. We will have quite a few junior entrants available in 2014 if you would like to consider to invest in juniors.

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