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Want your own Oracle Java Certification?

certsLook no further! Join our Java Bootcamp and become a Java Programmer – and get admired by others. We create Java Programmers – the right way.

Have a look on Java Bootcamp

Next one starts in July 2014 .

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Compuways / GetCertified helps young South Africans enter the job market

Young South Africans struggle to find employment. In a drive to improve their lot, SARS now offers a special tax incentive to encourage employers to hire younger staff. If an employee is between the ages of 18 and 29 and earns R6000 or less, their employer can reduce the PAYE on their income as per the calculations set out by SARS.

“While this is a start,” says Arnold Graaff, CEO of Compuways / GetCertified IT Training in Johannesburg, “more needs to be done to help the younger generation find employment after leaving school.”

Graaff cites the case of Xolani, a recent graduate of GetCertified’s Java Job Prep Bootcamp. “Here was a young gentleman who met our basic criteria – a matric certificate with a comfortable pass in mathematics. Further, he took our aptitude test and the results were very positive. But he had no way to cover his training costs. We decided to give him the opportunity to realise his potential and granted him a study loan.” GetCertified offers qualifying candidates loans to complete their studies, repayable once they have found employment.

Students sit the internationally recognised Oracle Certified Associate Java exam and Oracle Certified Professional Java exam. Once they graduate, GetCertified’s sister company and top IT recruitment firm Compuways places them with a suitable employer.

Xolani did well in all the modules he studied and went on to pass his Oracle exams. He also completed the course’s practical web application development project with distinction. The candidate soon received two interviews, resulting in a job offer as a junior programmer with Astidian Systems, a developer of cloud-based business software.

Andries Pretorius, CEO of Astidian, met Xolani during the course. “We recognised his potential and were keen to see how he developed.” In fact, on hiring him, the company decided to repay Xolani’s study debt in return for an agreed period of service. Also, they immediately sent him on another GetCertified course to learn database programming. Astidian has used Compuways / GetCertified for almost 8 years for all its recruitment, training and certification requirements.

Pretorius says that while the demand is great, there is a distinct lack of skilled Java programmers in South Africa and the number of frameworks and technologies used by development companies varies widely. This makes it difficult for employers to find developers with the qualifications and expertise they require for their specific needs. So, companies are on the lookout for candidates who can apply logical thinking to deconstruct problems and build up solutions. It’s natural for employers to train junior programmers over the long term to nurture their skills. Says Pretorius: “GetCertified’s excellent courses follow the latest syllabi, turning out well-rounded junior programmers who have been exposed to the newest technologies and methods of programming. The result is that we can get new hires productive very quickly.”

Xolani says young people should take more interest in short courses. Many university leavers with computer science degrees find themselves overqualified and under-experienced. “Decide what you want to do, go for the short course and get the skills you need to start earning. The rest will come with experience.”

Through the efforts of companies like GetCertified and Astidian Systems, young South Africans have the opportunity to find employment and establish themselves in the workforce. Both companies encourage employers to support the youth of South Africa.

GetCertified also offers Boot Camps for database administration, Business Intelligence, PHP and Microsoft .NET development.

For more information, visit GetCertified’s web site at or for all available Boot Camps. Prospective students are invited to attend open days by appointment from Monday to Saturday.

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Kemptonpark: Chief Information Officer

Purpose of the job, To be responsible for planning, managing and directing

a team or business unit in order to effectively provide IT processes, information, systems and technologies to company in support of business functions. To demonstrate leadership and strategic direction in establishing the companys technical vision and all aspects of the companys information technology development and future growth.

Occupational Level, Senior Management

Grade: E Upper to F Lower

Required Level of Education and Experience

Educational Background

– Grade 12, NQF Level 4, plus Business related degree,

Previous Experience,

– 20 years experience in the IT industry NQF Level 6

– MBA is preferable

– 5 to 10 years experience in senior infrastructure roles within a large corporate or industrial company at a management level

Roles Competencies

– Information technology strategy development

– Client and or supplier relationship management

– Business performance management

– Transformation management

– Organisational development

– People management

– Corporate and ICT governance

– Contract management

– Business analyses

– Service delivery planning and control

– Budget management

Roles Competencies

Knowledge and Skills,

– Conflict management skills

– Contract management skills

– Business acumen

– Financial management

– Forecasting and interpretation

– Presentation skills

– Problem solving skills

– Negotiation skills

– Risk Management

– Knowledge of technology

– Understands companys business ethics and values

Core Competencies,

– Business acumen

– Analytical thinking

– Applied strategic planning and thinking

– Organisational alertness

– Communication

– Conceptualisation

– Leadership

– Innovation

– Decisiveness

– Customer excellence orientation

– Insight

– Negotiation

– Visioning

To apply for this position, click here:

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Passing SCJP after 3 months on Java Job Prep

Well done Daniel on passing your SCJP international Java exam with 71% ! After starting with zero experience on our Java Job Prep in July, Daniel has set a new record. The other record was set by Pierre who passed his OCA exam after 6 weeks!

See more

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Student passes OCA Java Exam on first try !

Student passes OCA Java Exam on first try !

Congratulations, Pierre, on passing your Oracle Java Associate Exam with 91% on your first try ! From Arnold and the rest of the July 2013 Java Job Prep group .

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Java Job Prep Update

Java Job Prep Update

Our current group of Java Job Prep students have completed Java Beginner and Advanced and 200 exercises later, they are now ready to take the OCA – Java Exam to get international certification. They are one third into the course at this stage. The next phase will be cover practicals in Database programming / Swing, OO Analysis and Design, Design Patterns. The last phase is Servlets / JSP’s, FX, EE and the OCP Java exam. Employers, if you want one of our Java stars, let us know now. We will keep you updated on the progress and can also use your inputs with regards to practical project ideas we can cover in the remainder of the course.

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Morningside: Snr Project Manager

The purpose of project management is to foresee or predict as many dangers and
problems as possible; and to plan, organize and control activities so that the project
is completed as successfully as possible in spite of all the risks. The ever-present
element of risk and uncertainty means that events and tasks leading to completion
can never be foretold with absolute accuracy. For some complex or advanced
projects, even the possibility of successful completion might be of serious doubt.


� Responsible for the management of one or more medium to large sized, moderately to highly complex projects.
� Manage the effort end-to-end with oversight of both analysis and development
� Manage the relationship between technology and the business at project and strategic level.
� Manage risks at project and organizational/strategic level thereby ensuring mitigations are in place and where applicable, risks accepted or acted upon on time to ensure project success.
� Manage scope change by following change management governance to ensure no scope creeping and project delays are avoided.
� Handle multiple projects at a time by ensuring that all the projects under his supervision are going smoothly and that no project/s allocated to him are being
neglected because of the focus on the other.
� Responsible for all project documentations as per Project Management

Governance Framework and Processes:

� Help analyze and discuss the potential risks / benefits involved in using the specified technology solution to address the business requirement
� Define purpose, clear roles, tasks, milestones, budgets and measures of success
� Manage the project estimating activity
� Manage project resources
� Conduct project / phase kick-off meetings to communicate individual roles and
project expectations and ensure that all project team members have the tools and training required to perform effectively
� Monitor projects on an ongoing basis, evaluating progress and quality, managing issue resolution process and taking corrective action as necessary
� Work with Business and Testing team to ensure thorough testing of modules /
application / interfaces as per project requirements
� Promote and monitor compliance of application development activities with

Audit, IT and Risk policies

� Manage the process to assess gaps and develop action plans to address these
� Act as an interface with internal and external audit groups
� Work with relevant relationship managers to ensure proper operations turnover and Service Level Agreement (SLA) updates, where applicable
� Lead the post-implementation review evaluating project results, including client
� Have a significant influence on policy formation
� Ensure that contingency and / or business continuity technology services are compliant with technology / organization-wide policies and other regulatory requirements
� Manage day-to-day workload of team members proactively identifying and resolving issues that would present a risk to on-time implementation of the project
� After the project has been completed, the project manager is responsible for
conducting a project review with the project team to do a checklist of the project
deliverables as per the plan and document these and the results in the Project

Closure report


� Apply knowledge of corporate standards and vendor practices in project management to ensure successful delivery of the project
� Establish and maintain working relationship across technology as appropriate:

Relationship Manager , PMO Head, Human Resource and Vendor Managers as well as business partners

� Participate in and support cross technology process improvement initiatives


� Proactively promote consistent project-based performance measurement and skill development of junior staff
� Actively participate in HR performance measurement processes
� Promote effective teamwork
� Provide input to staffing plans at the project-level to identify key / required skills
� Responsible for resource management, project budgets management, quality management, control management and business continuity management.
� Mentor and couch junior project managers and project administrators


� Assist in evaluating knowledge-sharing tools and making recommendations for
technology organization�s standard approaches / tools for project management
� Contribute to continuous improvement by leveraging quality improvement methodologies
� Refine and enhance technology methodologies and / or standards for project management
� Ensure documentation is captured into a document management system
in place; publicize deliverable location to the project team and the entire organization as necessary
� Promote the use of knowledge management processes and tools
� Share / leverage successful products, processes and best practices across technology and project management discipline
� Implement communication and knowledge sharing process for team members

– Dimensions


– Management of projects within budgets
– Tracking and reporting on projects budgets
– Keeping costs under minimum


– Effectively manage project resources
– Effectively manage project resources output
– Effectively manage resources time
– Effective manage resources work load and capacity


– Timeous delivery of projects


– Strict adherence to change management processes
– Strict adherence to project management governance framework and processes
– Strict adherence to project management methodology adopted within PMO
– Strictly reporting to the Governance Structures as defined in the project


– Building a good relationship within a project team and with those on the periphery or outside the project.
– Establishing a successful relationship by building trust, applying effective listening techniques, learn about the customer and reaching agreements
– Overcoming obstacles by dealing with conflict, applying negotiation styles and
techniques, managing expectations, problem anticipation and communicating effectively.


– Typically requires 4 to 6 years of combined business, project management, team leadership and technology experience
– Banking and Financial Services industry knowledge
– Experience with projects in multiple technologies, functions (e.g. Retail banking, transaction management, risk management etc.) and industries
– Knowledge of Prince 2 and PMBok Methodologies and Standards
– Experience managing geographically distributed and culturally diverse workgroups
– Experience in simultaneously managing multiple projects of different nature and complexity.
– Knowledge of sourcing and applying project management methodologies, operating models and working with Financial & Professional services firms
– Strong written and verbal communication skills
– Competent Planner
– Good negotiator and influencer
– Good problem solver
– Manage conflict and come up with resolutions


– A Bachelor�s Degree or equivalent
– Qualification in project management Project management methodologies (Prince 2 and PMBok) or equivalent
– Knowledge of both theoretical and practical aspects of project management
– Project management best practice
– Knowledge of project management techniques and tools
– Direct work experience in project management capacity
– Proven experience in people management
– Proven experience in strategic planning
– Proven experience in risk management
– Proven experience in change management
– Proficient in project management software
– Business and banking applications knowlegde
– Document & Workflow Management
– Business Analysis
– Software Testing
– Leadership skills
– Project Management Certification an added advantage


– Banking and Financial Services industry knowledge
– Business strategy definition / requirements documentation
– Functional Business Knowledge
– Usability of system to be implemented from an end user point of view
– Regulatory and Risk Management
– Ability to define the goals and objectives of a project,
– Ability to determine the expected benefits and the impact on the status quo,
– Ability to help business prioritise the project and determine where the project sits in terms of overall priority from a strategic point of view.


– critical thinking and problem solving skills
– planning and organizing
– decision-making
– communication skills
– influencing and leading
– delegation
– team work
– negotiation
– conflict management
– adaptability
– stress tolerance


– Project team leadership
– Internal and external resource management
– Career management
– Project management leadership
– Manage individual and team conflict
– Motivate project team
– Lead as an example


– Methodology Definition
– Methodology Execution
– Governance Framework
– Processes and Policies
– Plan
– Execute
– Control
– Report
– Closure


– Managing difficult project stakeholders
– Adhering to Projects/PMO Governance
– Managing and delivering projects timeously
– Delivering Projects within budgets
– Manage projects scope and scope creeping
– Manage conflicting requirements
– Manage resources from other departments other than PMO


– Flexibility to travel to other African countries where necessary
– Flexibility to work during and outside of official working hours to accommodate geographical disparities, where required
– Flexibility to perform Business Analysis work where no Business Analyst is available

To apply for this position, click here:

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In-Depth Training for Software Interns Starting in July 2013

Due to the fast-pace of the IT Industry,  senior software developers hardly have time to re-visit fundamental topics. Our courses are designed to teach the fundamentals in-depth and practical so that the juniors entering the job market, can refer back to their fundamentals throughout their career.

In my 30 years in the software industry, I have seen many excellent, senior developers that missed crucial elementary topics of a software language. This could have saved them significant time on certain projects in their careers. I was one of those that learned Object Orientation only later in my career, as a lot of systems in the IT industry was developed before Object Orientated languages became widely used. Theoretical knowledge only does not sink in, therefore our training courses are designed to instil the crucial fundamental topics in a practical way.

If you have any junior software interns in your company, I would like to bring to your attention that our next

5 month programme for junior developers is due to start in July 2013:

  1. Application development with Java – (this is also applicable to C#.NET juniors as it is a fundamental course and conversion to .NET can be done easily after the course)
  2. Web Development with PHP

Group discounts

If you have more than one intern to send, please enquire about our discounted group rates.


There is room for customisation to the courses, if you feel that you need a certain topic covered more extensively for your students.

Need more interns?

We have visited over 75 schools in Gauteng so far this year and interviewed many matriculants who wish to study software development  in 2014. We have partnered with a psychometric institution to perform aptitude tests on them to identify their natural aptitude for software development and recommend training accordingly. We will have quite a few junior entrants available in 2014 if you would like to consider to invest in juniors.

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Midrand: IT Manager

Key areas of responsibility will include

-Responsible for administering the network
-Manage IT department
-Manager database
-Projects and implementation
-Manage Servers
-Manage Licensed Software

Qualifications and experience

-A+ and N+ preferable
-Project Management and implementation
-4 years experience in a corporate environment
-Detailed knowledge of ODBC on SQL for Syspro
-Report Writing
-Sound knowledge of MS Exhange
-Experience in Microsoft office trouble shooting
-Experience in building and configuring of desktop machines
-Experience with time management systems as well as Pabx s
-Experience in troubleshooting HP printers
-Citrix Server and Desktop experience will be an added advantage

If you wish to apply for this psition, click here:

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GetCertified IT Training launches internship partnerships with IT employers.

With the ever-prevailing IT skills shortage, one of the recognised problem areas is the barrier to entry of juniors into the job market (even degreed juniors) – due to their limited practical experience.

Arnold Graaff, CEO of GetCertified IT Training says: “We have always as a college, addressed this issue with success by encouraging students to get our competency certificate (for completing a practical project) after a course. Some employers, however have more specific requirements, so we have decided to partner with employers to customise the competency certificate, to suit every individual employer’s specific needs”.

Says Graaff: “With our integrated internship program, we extend this practical ability further by allowing employer interns to also work on their own employer assignments in between course modules.”

What is an integrated internship?

• GetCertified supplies the employer with (the employer can also supply) a talented junior (the admission criteria will determine to which course (6 or 12 modules) he is admitted. See .

• The employer / sponsor employs this student as an intern (salary or non-salary basis) agreeing to pay for his/her minimum training in exchange that he/she will work for the employer / sponsor afterwards (or pay back his training).

• The student attends his training modules with GetCertified and in between courses or afternoons, joins his sponsor’s team on their premises, to work on some of their low-priority projects assigned to him / her.

• The sponsor’s assignments can be used as additional practical assignments for the student’s competency score and he / she also gets assistance from Getcertified to complete these.

•  Getcertified has regular meetings with the sponsor to assess the student’s competency and make adjustments / customisations to our training where possible.

• This has the result that the student not only gains a generic competency level, but also gains competence specific to the sponsor’s environment, thereby adding value to their team.

About GetCertified IT Training

GetCertified IT Training specialises in classroom-based, quality, practical IT training, aligned with the international certification syllabi. Areas covered are SQL database administration and -development. Software development programming courses covering all the mainstream languages used in Web and Application software development (PHP, Java and .NET) .

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