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certsLook no further! Join our Java Bootcamp and become a Java Programmer – and get admired by others. We create Java Programmers – the right way.

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Compuways / GetCertified helps young South Africans enter the job market

Young South Africans struggle to find employment. In a drive to improve their lot, SARS now offers a special tax incentive to encourage employers to hire younger staff. If an employee is between the ages of 18 and 29 and earns R6000 or less, their employer can reduce the PAYE on their income as per the calculations set out by SARS.

“While this is a start,” says Arnold Graaff, CEO of Compuways / GetCertified IT Training in Johannesburg, “more needs to be done to help the younger generation find employment after leaving school.”

Graaff cites the case of Xolani, a recent graduate of GetCertified’s Java Job Prep Bootcamp. “Here was a young gentleman who met our basic criteria – a matric certificate with a comfortable pass in mathematics. Further, he took our aptitude test and the results were very positive. But he had no way to cover his training costs. We decided to give him the opportunity to realise his potential and granted him a study loan.” GetCertified offers qualifying candidates loans to complete their studies, repayable once they have found employment.

Students sit the internationally recognised Oracle Certified Associate Java exam and Oracle Certified Professional Java exam. Once they graduate, GetCertified’s sister company and top IT recruitment firm Compuways places them with a suitable employer.

Xolani did well in all the modules he studied and went on to pass his Oracle exams. He also completed the course’s practical web application development project with distinction. The candidate soon received two interviews, resulting in a job offer as a junior programmer with Astidian Systems, a developer of cloud-based business software.

Andries Pretorius, CEO of Astidian, met Xolani during the course. “We recognised his potential and were keen to see how he developed.” In fact, on hiring him, the company decided to repay Xolani’s study debt in return for an agreed period of service. Also, they immediately sent him on another GetCertified course to learn database programming. Astidian has used Compuways / GetCertified for almost 8 years for all its recruitment, training and certification requirements.

Pretorius says that while the demand is great, there is a distinct lack of skilled Java programmers in South Africa and the number of frameworks and technologies used by development companies varies widely. This makes it difficult for employers to find developers with the qualifications and expertise they require for their specific needs. So, companies are on the lookout for candidates who can apply logical thinking to deconstruct problems and build up solutions. It’s natural for employers to train junior programmers over the long term to nurture their skills. Says Pretorius: “GetCertified’s excellent courses follow the latest syllabi, turning out well-rounded junior programmers who have been exposed to the newest technologies and methods of programming. The result is that we can get new hires productive very quickly.”

Xolani says young people should take more interest in short courses. Many university leavers with computer science degrees find themselves overqualified and under-experienced. “Decide what you want to do, go for the short course and get the skills you need to start earning. The rest will come with experience.”

Through the efforts of companies like GetCertified and Astidian Systems, young South Africans have the opportunity to find employment and establish themselves in the workforce. Both companies encourage employers to support the youth of South Africa.

GetCertified also offers Boot Camps for database administration, Business Intelligence, PHP and Microsoft .NET development.

For more information, visit GetCertified’s web site at or for all available Boot Camps. Prospective students are invited to attend open days by appointment from Monday to Saturday.

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Midrand: Finance Administrator

Performs various clerical and routine accounting tasks to Assist the company administer the earnings of Sales force .This includes functions like, payment of earnings accrued to the sales force through services rendered to other areas of the sales force, reconciliations of monthly General ledger accounts, Long term loans and assisting with queries.

 Reporting To:            Planning and reporting manager       

Specific Accountabilities:

1.                Volume discount

     Monthly monitoring and managing of volume discount payments, bonuses and other gratuities to ensure timeous and correct payments to distributors.

     Calculates and processes sales force earnings and resolve any payment queries on behalf of the sales force;

     Calculate monthly manual deductions before paying out earnings,

     To add and amend daily all banking details on a computerised communication banking system, to ensure that payments go to the correct bank accounts,

     To report and provide management with monthly information on the levels of payments,

     Prepares routine entries and posts financial transactions; reconciles entries and internal ledgers to financial reporting system reports.

      Perform Monthly reasonability checks to ensure that the company does not under/over pay.

      Printing recons and ensuring recons are reviewed monthly on a timeous basis.

2.   Long Term Loans

       Preparing of the Loan agreements

       Preparing of loan deductions

       Filing of actual Loan contracts

       Keeping a detailed diary of minimum instalments and making sure that they are repaid in the

       allowed 60 months

        Calculating Long/Short term portions monthly

        Reconciling of Long term repayment general ledger account

        Special arrangements need to be documented signed off and filled.

3.   Customer liaison

     Liaising with internal and external clients.

    Ad hoc requests by Line Manager

 Education and Experience:



Financial Tertiary qualification highly advantageous

Up to 4 years’ experience in a similar role

Special Skills:

Ability to perform simple accounting procedures

Basic data entry and/or word processing skills

Records maintenance skills

Ability to analyze and solve problems

Ability to read, sort, check, count, and verify numbers

Ability to prepare routine administrative paperwork

Account balancing skills

Ability to use an automated accounting system

Knowledge of accounts payable procedures and practices

Ability to maintain good customer relations

To apply for this position, click here:

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