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Make Your Next Career Move Wisely

Nobody wants to make a bad career move, neither does anyone want to stagnate in a job that leads nowhere. When considering a new job, one should look at oneself through the eyes of a prospective employer. You can learn about yourself by looking at your past jobs / projects and also by being honest about your strengths and weaknesses and ‘interviewing yourself ‘.

Looking introspectively at your current and / or previous jobs or projects

  • What am I good at and what not?
  • What makes me happy and unhappy?
  • What are my achievements?
  • What motivates me?

When answering the above questions, try to gain insight into and understand how the employer sees it in terms of the running of his department and so in terms of how the owner of the company sees it. If you can understand a bit about your employer’s company, job and goals, you will automatically stand out when you are interviewed.

What is expected from you to make your employer perform well and ultimately to let the company perform well.

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Look At The Big Picture When Planning Your IT Career

The IT industry consist of IT Companies and Non-IT Companies. Companies who’s main product line is IT Services / products, and Companies who’s main product line is not IT, but they buy and use IT products / services from IT Companies.

We have placed these two types of companies on our websites in different categories to sub-categorise the skills in each. In IT Companies we find the position of a ‘Consultant’ a lot. For example a SAP Consultant in an IT Company will work next to a similarly educated person in a non-IT Company but the nature of a consultant’s job is so much more different than that of the ‘Business Analyst’, that we do have to distinguish between the two.

A Consultant spends his time at client sites, performing an advisory role, whereas an in-house Business Analyst’s main priority is the business of his own company. It is often said that a consultant must be prepared to ‘live out of his car’s boot’.

The skills are mapped out on our home page on .

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Press Articles September 2011

Compuways was mentioned in the press in the following articles :

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Compuways’ in-house recruitment solution cuts costs, delivering quality

With the proliferation of internet job sites, some employers have decided to do more of their own recruitment in-house. This did often do not result in saving costs. To the contrary – more costs were often incurred e.g on hiring more people for the team. The variety and quality of candidates obtained also did not really improve.

Partnering with an independent, specialist IT recruitment agency like Compuways, provides the desired service at a lower costs because:

  • Our clients have full-access to our on-line recruitment database (not a job-site)
  • Candidates often come to us before they go on big job sites
  • Candidates are comfortable with our independent brand, established for 20 years
  • Working very closely as one team builds speed an efficiency
  • Our recruitment system can be integrated with your system further streamlining the process
  • Our business model is designed to cut costs of placement fees up to 50% of the market related fees

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