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Compuways creates Oracle ERP / EBS skills pool

Due to a growing demand for Oracle ERP / EBS Consultants at various of our customers, Compuways has launched a recruitment drive to create a skills pool of ORACLE ERP / EBS Specialists.

Various of Compuways ‘s clients have approached them for Oracle ERP / EBS skills, so they decided to launch a new sourcing campaign to build a skills pool of qualified candidates:

Says Arnold Graaff, CEO of Compuways IT Professional Search on how they are going to go about it :”Firstly all candidates on our database are informed and asked for referrals if they do not qualify or if they are not in the job market themselves.”

“Secondly, our general external advertising campaigns (on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and national Job sites) are adjusted to attract candidates that are not registered with us”

“Thirdly, our recruiters then contact any leads generated from these campaigns and compile short-lists of the cream of the crop”

Compuways has designed a questionnaire on their website¬†¬†to make it easy to map the top skills of each candidate for easy comparison and categorisation . Their interview comments shed more light on the candidate’s strong points and motivation. Even if Compuways cannot find a candidate a job, meaningful advice are given on career development at any stage of their careers.

Graaff adds: “We are inviting employers who are looking for ORACLE ERP / EBS Specialists, to contact us a.s.a.p. as the skills pool will be continuously growing and updated. Employers can browse our anonymous candidate profiles on our website given above or on .

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