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Parkwood: Manager – Marketing and Sales


This position is an opportunity to learn about managing complex key accounts in the healthcare environment. The position has a marketing component with the focus on developing and creating communication strategies for various market segments. The incumbent will also have an opportunity to manage and refine the pharmacy network business processes at  the Company.


Key Account Management – Medical Schemes

1. Client Relationship Management, forging business relationships with key decision makers and process influencers at client companies. Providing for formal and informal interactions aimed at cementing relationships with key clients.
2. Sales of new functionality appropriate to the client’s needs, understanding clients’ business strategy, industry challenges and identifying  the Company opportunities for on-selling new functionality.
3. Present  the Company’s value-add through established Reports and Reporting to clients’ monthly / quarterly reporting presentations.
4. Project support for new products as may be required, including representing client viewpoints and priorities as the  the Company team drives a constant stream of innovation.

Skills & Knowledge:

1. Strong Interpersonal skills, able to forms strong business relationships with clients and able to manage conflict constructively.
2. Presentation skills, especially the ability to explain complexity at the client level of understanding.

1. Electronic reimbursement industry / client knowledge.
2. Clinical training.
3. Numeracy able to deal with spreadsheets and data warehouse outputs and to turn the outputs into client recommendations.

Marketing Management

1. Business document writing including:
1. Tender process management.
2. Template proposals and presentations for new products.

Client communications including
1. Quarterly industry updates to be written up from news feeds
2. Website maintenance / development, a tool essential to the ongoing enhancement and development of  the Company Provider Networks (see  the
3. Client newsletters, especially into the Government Hospital environment.

1. Brand management, while most activities are “below the line”, scheduling, coordinating and arranging company client functions is essential. Management of the company branding strategy and external representation of company brand equity.

Skills & Knowledge:

1. 3 – 5 years of marketing experience, preferably in a healthcare setting.
2. Communication – Business Writing
3. Strategic ability, especially the ability to reduce complex concepts to simplified value propositions
4. Organisation skills to be able to plan and prioritize projects. This position will also manage the departmental OPEX budget.

Business Process Management (Pharmacy Networks)

1. Compile and evaluate monthly / quarterly reports on Pharmacy Network Performance
2. Drive the “Continuous Improvement” cycle with contracted pharmacies and / or pharmacy networks, including engaging with Pharmacy Network Managers (external clients) to manage the behavior of non-compliant pharmacies, develop value added additions to the pharmacy network product and to enhance  the Company’s standing as a valuable partner in the pharmacy industry.
3. Pharmacy Network Management Process enhancement and efficiency which will require engagement across all spheres of  the Company to ensure all departments play the best role in producing a quality service.

Skills & Knowledge:

1. Required
1. Organisation skills to be able to plan and prioritize projects. This responsibility area will require keeping track of a large number of report analyses and the intervention communications directed to pharmacy networks
2. Strong Interpersonal skills, able to forms strong business relationships with clients and able to manage conflict constructively.


1. Minimum Bachelors degree
2. A clinical background (pharmacy / nursing) would be considered highly advantageous.


1. Experience in the electronic healthcare reimbursement industry would be advantageous.
2. Three years experience in a marketing role.
3. Sales and / or key account management.
4. Basic computer literacy, especially in Microsoft Office products.

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