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Want your own Oracle Java Certification?

certsLook no further! Join our Java Bootcamp and become a Java Programmer – and get admired by others. We create Java Programmers – the right way.

Have a look on Java Bootcamp

Next one starts in July 2014 .

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Compuways / GetCertified helps young South Africans enter the job market

Young South Africans struggle to find employment. In a drive to improve their lot, SARS now offers a special tax incentive to encourage employers to hire younger staff. If an employee is between the ages of 18 and 29 and earns R6000 or less, their employer can reduce the PAYE on their income as per the calculations set out by SARS.

“While this is a start,” says Arnold Graaff, CEO of Compuways / GetCertified IT Training in Johannesburg, “more needs to be done to help the younger generation find employment after leaving school.”

Graaff cites the case of Xolani, a recent graduate of GetCertified’s Java Job Prep Bootcamp. “Here was a young gentleman who met our basic criteria – a matric certificate with a comfortable pass in mathematics. Further, he took our aptitude test and the results were very positive. But he had no way to cover his training costs. We decided to give him the opportunity to realise his potential and granted him a study loan.” GetCertified offers qualifying candidates loans to complete their studies, repayable once they have found employment.

Students sit the internationally recognised Oracle Certified Associate Java exam and Oracle Certified Professional Java exam. Once they graduate, GetCertified’s sister company and top IT recruitment firm Compuways places them with a suitable employer.

Xolani did well in all the modules he studied and went on to pass his Oracle exams. He also completed the course’s practical web application development project with distinction. The candidate soon received two interviews, resulting in a job offer as a junior programmer with Astidian Systems, a developer of cloud-based business software.

Andries Pretorius, CEO of Astidian, met Xolani during the course. “We recognised his potential and were keen to see how he developed.” In fact, on hiring him, the company decided to repay Xolani’s study debt in return for an agreed period of service. Also, they immediately sent him on another GetCertified course to learn database programming. Astidian has used Compuways / GetCertified for almost 8 years for all its recruitment, training and certification requirements.

Pretorius says that while the demand is great, there is a distinct lack of skilled Java programmers in South Africa and the number of frameworks and technologies used by development companies varies widely. This makes it difficult for employers to find developers with the qualifications and expertise they require for their specific needs. So, companies are on the lookout for candidates who can apply logical thinking to deconstruct problems and build up solutions. It’s natural for employers to train junior programmers over the long term to nurture their skills. Says Pretorius: “GetCertified’s excellent courses follow the latest syllabi, turning out well-rounded junior programmers who have been exposed to the newest technologies and methods of programming. The result is that we can get new hires productive very quickly.”

Xolani says young people should take more interest in short courses. Many university leavers with computer science degrees find themselves overqualified and under-experienced. “Decide what you want to do, go for the short course and get the skills you need to start earning. The rest will come with experience.”

Through the efforts of companies like GetCertified and Astidian Systems, young South Africans have the opportunity to find employment and establish themselves in the workforce. Both companies encourage employers to support the youth of South Africa.

GetCertified also offers Boot Camps for database administration, Business Intelligence, PHP and Microsoft .NET development.

For more information, visit GetCertified’s web site at or for all available Boot Camps. Prospective students are invited to attend open days by appointment from Monday to Saturday.

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Passing SCJP after 3 months on Java Job Prep

Well done Daniel on passing your SCJP international Java exam with 71% ! After starting with zero experience on our Java Job Prep in July, Daniel has set a new record. The other record was set by Pierre who passed his OCA exam after 6 weeks!

See more

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Internationalise your skills, gain competence, beat unemployment!

Our final series of Job Prep Certificate courses for 2013 start on 7 October.

Click here to read more

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Java Job Prep Update

Java Job Prep Update

Our current group of Java Job Prep students have completed Java Beginner and Advanced and 200 exercises later, they are now ready to take the OCA – Java Exam to get international certification. They are one third into the course at this stage. The next phase will be cover practicals in Database programming / Swing, OO Analysis and Design, Design Patterns. The last phase is Servlets / JSP’s, FX, EE and the OCP Java exam. Employers, if you want one of our Java stars, let us know now. We will keep you updated on the progress and can also use your inputs with regards to practical project ideas we can cover in the remainder of the course.

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Make Your Next Career Move Wisely

Nobody wants to make a bad career move, neither does anyone want to stagnate in a job that leads nowhere. When considering a new job, one should look at oneself through the eyes of a prospective employer. You can learn about yourself by looking at your past jobs / projects and also by being honest about your strengths and weaknesses and ‘interviewing yourself ‘.

Looking introspectively at your current and / or previous jobs or projects

  • What am I good at and what not?
  • What makes me happy and unhappy?
  • What are my achievements?
  • What motivates me?

When answering the above questions, try to gain insight into and understand how the employer sees it in terms of the running of his department and so in terms of how the owner of the company sees it. If you can understand a bit about your employer’s company, job and goals, you will automatically stand out when you are interviewed.

What is expected from you to make your employer perform well and ultimately to let the company perform well.

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Look At The Big Picture When Planning Your IT Career

The IT industry consist of IT Companies and Non-IT Companies. Companies who’s main product line is IT Services / products, and Companies who’s main product line is not IT, but they buy and use IT products / services from IT Companies.

We have placed these two types of companies on our websites in different categories to sub-categorise the skills in each. In IT Companies we find the position of a ‘Consultant’ a lot. For example a SAP Consultant in an IT Company will work next to a similarly educated person in a non-IT Company but the nature of a consultant’s job is so much more different than that of the ‘Business Analyst’, that we do have to distinguish between the two.

A Consultant spends his time at client sites, performing an advisory role, whereas an in-house Business Analyst’s main priority is the business of his own company. It is often said that a consultant must be prepared to ‘live out of his car’s boot’.

The skills are mapped out on our home page on .

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Woodmead: Technical Architect (Consultant)

Job Description

Technology Consulting professionals are responsible for delivering technology
innovation and providing the backbone of our systems integration business. A
Technology Architect is someone with a keen interest in pursuing a career in
technology architecture and who has initial experience and a track record across a
subset of architecture disciplines, on one or more platforms. Technology Architects
are characterized by their demonstration of important base skills on technology
platform/s, expertise in basic architectural concepts and a demonstrated ability to
design and deliver across multiple areas of Technology Architecture.
Key responsibilities may include:
� Driving, supervising and reviewing technology diagnosis and assessment activities
� Identifying opportunities for technology-related improvement based on benchmark
data and doing high-level cost benefit analysis
� Developing a high level design which supports a robust technology solution, taking
into account the user requirements, technical requirements, etc.
� Driving technology architecture and infrastructure design activities
� Reviewing and supervising design components
� Developing design and transition approaches
� Driving and supervising technology build, test and deployment activities
� Troubleshooting, diagnosing, and supporting application development


Required Qualifications – Technical Degree(s) or B. Tech
3 to 5 years relevant experience

Required Skills:
Architecture Consulting or experience in:
– Technology and Technical Architecture;
– Service Orientated Architecture; and
– Enterprise Integration Architecture
– Solution Architecture specialists across various industries.
Experience in various technologies and architectures with a desire to follow a
structured architecture career path.

Professional Skill Requirements
� Proven success in contributing to a team-oriented environment
� Proven ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment
� Desire to work in an information systems environment
� Excellent leadership, communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills
� Ability to meet travel requirements, when applicable

If you wish to apply for this position, click here:

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Compuways creates Oracle ERP / EBS skills pool

Due to a growing demand for Oracle ERP / EBS Consultants at various of our customers, Compuways has launched a recruitment drive to create a skills pool of ORACLE ERP / EBS Specialists.

Various of Compuways ‘s clients have approached them for Oracle ERP / EBS skills, so they decided to launch a new sourcing campaign to build a skills pool of qualified candidates:

Says Arnold Graaff, CEO of Compuways IT Professional Search on how they are going to go about it :”Firstly all candidates on our database are informed and asked for referrals if they do not qualify or if they are not in the job market themselves.”

“Secondly, our general external advertising campaigns (on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and national Job sites) are adjusted to attract candidates that are not registered with us”

“Thirdly, our recruiters then contact any leads generated from these campaigns and compile short-lists of the cream of the crop”

Compuways has designed a questionnaire on their website to make it easy to map the top skills of each candidate for easy comparison and categorisation . Their interview comments shed more light on the candidate’s strong points and motivation. Even if Compuways cannot find a candidate a job, meaningful advice are given on career development at any stage of their careers.

Graaff adds: “We are inviting employers who are looking for ORACLE ERP / EBS Specialists, to contact us a.s.a.p. as the skills pool will be continuously growing and updated. Employers can browse our anonymous candidate profiles on our website given above or on .

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Dire future for university graduates

 When an honours degree in economics and 10 years’ experience cannot guarantee a job, what dire future lies ahead for university graduates, let alone school leavers ? Unfortunately, this is the harsh reality that faces the younger generation of today. GetCertified managing director Arnold Graaff recently spoke about new opportunities in ICT. 

Sasfin Bank IT application specialist Nicola Rushin is a good example of what lies ahead for university graduates. She had been trying to find employment for six months and despite having ten years’ experience in stock broking administration and an honours degree in economics, she could not even get to the interview stages. 

With the financial services crisis looking unlikely to resolve itself any time soon, Rushin decided to make a career change to ICT. However, she was once again facing the standard questions from employment agents whether she has any IT experience or an IT degree. She was not in a position to do another degree and she was starting to lose heart about her decision to change to ICT. 

Graaff says, unlike many other industries, there is a bright future in ICT. “There is a huge demand for ICT skills in all industries, especially software developers. Research shows that, with the enormous adoption of cloud computing, there is a massive growth in demand for Web developers.” 

“GetCertified was confident that doing an SQL Beginners course with would open all the doors for me to become a Business Analyst, my dream job. I had serious doubts, but I was sold on doing the course anyway because I always wanted to learn SQL. I felt I had nothing to lose,” says Rushin. 

“Within a few weeks of attending the SQL course at Get Certified and adding it onto my CV, I was the proud recipient of two job offers from reputable financial services companies – to work in their IT department, as a Business Analyst. It was so easy, it was ridiculous.” “Over and above that, they have excellent teachers and they managed to cater for my needs as well as those students who were more advanced,” she adds. 

GetCertified offers a weekly open support evening, at no extra cost to its students, where they can ask questions about their specific course and project. Furthermore, GetCertified is part of a Group of companies that also owns a recruitment agency, Compuways. Unlike other training companies, GetCertified strives to find a job for all its unemployed students. 

Graaff encourages students to follow GetCertified’s methodology which results in an international certification and a proper project to show to potential employers. “Our mission is to assist students to pass their international exams. We achieve this by delivering our courses with a strong practical flair, instead of focusing only on exam questions and answers.” 

He says the benefit of practicality is twofold, the student can immediately use these practical skills in the workplace and secondly, they can prepare easier for exams. “Many unemployed people come to us to better themselves for the job market and we have successfully placed many such at our clients from our recruitment company Compuways.” 

GetCertified recommends that complete beginners should start at the ‘Complete Introduction to Programming’, this can be done over 5 days full-time. Alternatively, one can do part-time training courses which run over five Saturdays (6 hour sessions) or two nights per week five weeks (3 hour evening classes) because there is more time to take the knowledge in and process it with exercises.  

“No knowledge of programming or not sure what steps to follow or the cost thereof. Firstly, a bare necessity is a matric certificate with at least a pass in mathematics. We always recommend you should do an aptitude test like the one on and send us the results,” he concludes.

 For more information visit or 


More about Compuways (

Compuways was founded in 1990 by the owner Arnold Graaff. The company supplies IT skills across the spectrum of skills from technical to managerial, permanent or contracting staff. Compuways is BEE Level 4 compliant which means 100% of a clients’ procurement spend will count towards their BEE qualification. 

Compuways has established alliances with various IT recruiters on a national and international basis and networks with other agencies and also has partners in India, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union to supply the most sought-after skills. This enables it to share its resources using the power of the Internet. Compuways is a member of APSO and abides by its ethics and guidelines in all its procedures. The company also promotes the use of its successful database and recruitment procedures within its client companies as an in-house recruitment system. 

Compuways has re-engineered its processes to incorporate Internet and automation technology in the changing roles of the recruiter, employer and job seeker in the recruitment process. Its success is attributed to nurturing loyal clients and candidates, using the Internet to complement the recruitment process. It is able to asses and supply the right level of skill at the right time.  

Clients include Fujitsu, IBM, Integrated Business Consultancy, SAP Consulting, EDS ERP, Oracle, Toyota, Caltex Oil, United Pharmaceutical, Standard Bank, Standard Merchant Bank, First National Bank and Rand Merchant Bank. 

Prepared by: Company: IT Public Relations

Contact: Ivor van Rensburg

Cell: 082 652 8050


On behalf of: Company: Compuways

Contact: Arnold Graaff

Title: Managing Director

Tel: (011) 803-4079

Cell: (083) 700-2858






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